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Jamie Bartman, DMD

I graduated from Michigan State University with a degree in Health Studies. Upon graduating MSU I moved to Cleveland, Ohio to attend Case Western Reserve where I received a Doctorate of Dental Medicine. I knew I wanted a medically- based career, but not necessarily a family doctor. While exploring options, I met a dentist who invited me to job shadow in his office. The experience left no question that this was the field for me! My first job was as an associate dentist for the same Doctor that I job shadowed. It was a dream come true.

I come from a large family with one brother and two sisters! My husband Mark, and I were recently blessed with a baby boy, Parker. In addition, we have two cats and a dog. I love to read, although these days it's difficult to find time! I also enjoy baking, homemade lotions, scrapbooking, wine tasting, volleyball and watersports. Respect is an important value I learned from home; therefore, I feel disrespectful if I do not use a title- even with my staff- so you may hear me calling them "Ms. Heidi" or "Mr. Mark".


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